Computer Science MS Degree

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Dive into the realm of Stanford’s Computer Science Master’s program, where you’ll embark on a journey through the core concepts of computer science while honing your skills in a specialized domain.

Should you wish to pursue this path without disrupting your professional trajectory, consider the option of part-time enrollment, where you can immerse yourself in as little as one course per academic quarter.

With the flexibility to choose between online or on-campus learning, Stanford offers a plethora of computer science and engineering courses each quarter, with many available online. While most specializations necessitate some in-person attendance, certain tracks like Artificial Intelligence, Information Management and Analytics, and Systems Specializations can be entirely completed through online modules. (Please note that part-time or online enrollment is limited to U.S. residents.)

For those craving even more flexibility, explore the avenue of individual course enrollment or opt for a graduate certificate, bypassing the formalities of admission into Stanford’s master’s degree program. Take your pick from a diverse array of options such as Foundations in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Visual Computing, Software Systems, and Advanced Software Systems. Upon successful completion of each course, you’ll earn academic credit along with an esteemed Stanford University transcript.

Should you later decide to transition into Stanford’s master’s degree program, you can apply up to 18 units earned from previous coursework, subject to departmental approval.

Unsure which path aligns with your aspirations? Delve into a comparison between our graduate certificate and master’s degree offerings.


Achieving the coveted Master of Science in Computer Science Degree requires the successful completion of 45 units.

For those balancing studies with other commitments as part-time students, the journey typically spans 3 to 5 years to attain the degree.

In contrast, full-time students can accelerate their academic voyage, often completing the program within a more condensed timeframe of 1 to 2 years.


For details regarding admissions, kindly refer to the department’s website or reach out to

To understand the prerequisites for the degree, please peruse the MSCS Program Sheet provided by the department or consult the Stanford Bulletin. Additionally, do explore the FAQs section on the department’s page for further clarification.

For comprehensive insights into policies, procedures, and logistical details, we encourage you to explore our website thoroughly.

While the completion of this degree is possible through online means, its feasibility depends on your tailored program structure and field of specialization. Please note that the majority of courses offered by the Computer Science department are conducted exclusively on campus. The availability of specific online courses is contingent upon your program structure, area of focus, and the course offerings for each academic term. Unfortunately, students residing outside the US are unable to pursue the master’s degree through online channels.

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