7 Things Women LOVE On A Man

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What Do Women Like On Men #7. A Great Smile & Fresh Breath

No need to hit the stores or rummage through your closet for this last tip. It’s all about your face – particularly your smile.

A study from 2013, featured in Cognition & Emotion, highlights the power of smiling. Their findings reveal that smiling is the easiest and most budget-friendly way to enhance attractiveness.

To onlookers, those flashing a smile come across as healthier, more approachable, and trustworthy compared to those who don’t.

A captivating smile is the outcome of a solid grooming routine, which boosts a man’s appeal to women.

So, keep grinning, prioritize oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly, hydrate with plenty of water, and freshen up with breath mints. Don’t forget those biannual dental check-ups.

Since your smile greatly influences how others perceive you, you don’t want it to fall short when it matters most! Concerned about your smile? Check out this page for tips on whitening your teeth at home.

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