7 Things Women LOVE On A Man

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What Do Women Like On Men #6. High Quality Shoes

No matter your style or occupation, every man needs a solid pair of clean shoes to demonstrate his attention to detail.

They say eyes reveal the soul. I argue that shoes reveal your style.

The truth is, women can glean a lot about you and your personality just by checking out your shoes. They’ve got you figured out before you even say a word.

Let’s be real, guys. Cheap-looking shoes? They give off a cheap vibe. Scuffed and dirty kicks? It seems like you don’t bother taking care of yourself. And going barefoot? Let’s not even go there.

But classy footwear – like Oxfords, Monk Straps, or Italian moccasins – not only showcase your eye for detail but also highlight your impeccable taste and style.

Keep in mind that the material of your shoes matters too. Typically, suede shoes are great for casual gatherings, while calfskin shoes are a better fit for slightly more formal occasions. If you choose sneakers, aim for minimalism. Simple white sneakers can pair nicely with stylish pants in certain situations.

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